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It's for everyone to relax and stretch minds and hearts... sr


If we talk about relationships, all relationships are special and unique in their own ways...depends on what we give and get out of it.
Today,  I felt like writing about Father and Daughter relationship.

The thought came to me on the day of Women's March, where I saw fathers, who accompanied their daughters. And at WOK meeting, I got 'Feather', as a challenge word. And this is what came out of it .....


Feather, as soft and subtle
Feather, so  special and supreme
Feather, is unique and elegant
Feather, in recognition and regal
Feather, for warmth and comfort
Father's feminine side is daughter's pride.... sr
Well wishers are asking about the blog.

Birth announcement has been made, on February 5th 2018.
An  Aquarian.

My blog is just born, trying to open its eyes to the world.
When it opens its eyes, along with it comes the eternal sound of life. ('pranava naadam')
The first breath, The first cry, which will  evolve into words, prose, poetry, speeches and so on &so forth...

This is an omnipotent space for all to relax, to open up and stretch their minds and hearts.

I wish to keep it as pure as possible in intent and its purpose to be for a greater good.

Unconditional love with a gracious open heart and  thus sharing a common goal to improve up on oneself. And on the way offering a helping thought or two...

Plan to have intriguing issues, invigorating discussions, innovative solutions and lots of food for thought.

I am counting on the viewers' comments for humor, to fill the lounge with lots of smiles and laughter. Sr